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How to Save Money with Online Grocery Shopping

Have you noticed – the cost of food is rising as is just about everything else?

Unfortunately, most of us don’t see our income is not rising at the same rate, leaving peeps to struggling to make the cash stretch.

What’s a family to do?

While you certainly can’t go without food, that doesn’t mean dinner has to cost a fortune to be nutritious or filling or that shopping at your local grocery store is your only option. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, online purchases of packaged foods are growing at a considerable rate and are expected to reach $27 billion in sales this year. The question then remains; does online grocery shopping save you money?

It can, if done properly…

Grocery List

Online Grocery Shopping

The first step, as with any shopping day is to make a grocery list, here’s a list of 5 grocery apps. The grocery list will save you time while shopping online since you wonít have to stop to check your pantry. It will also save you money since you will be less tempted to buy spontaneous items.

Compare Prices

There are several sites where you can shop for groceries online. Be sure to compare prices at a few before you purchase. It’s also a good idea to make notes on your list of where you purchased items then transfer your notes to a master list so your next shopping trip will go faster, and hopefully cheaper.

Online Coupons

Coupons are readily available online, both from coupon websites as well as the product companies themselves. Before you shop, always search for coupons. Keep in mind that you are only looking for coupons for items on your list. Don’t get sidetracked with impulse buys just because there’s a coupon for the product (you listening mom) Even if the price is great, buying things you do not need will quickly crush your food budget.

Sale Items

As with traditional stores, many online stores offer sale items at discount prices. Be sure to check for these as you shop to ensure you are getting the lowest price available. One thing to keep in mind whether you are shopping online or offline is that oftentimes sale items may be close to expiring. So be sure you check the expiration dates on the available product or only buy items that are non-perishable.


From large store chains to fully online retailers, there are many places you can shop for groceries online. When you are comparing prices, also check your delivery options and fees. Some grocery store chains such as and offer home delivery from their physical locations for a small fee. Others like and offer deliver services in several cities within an area.

Still yet, websites like will deliver your products via a carrier such as FedEx within three to seven days and oftentimes they will offer free shipping if you meet their minimum order dollar amount.

If you already love shopping online then buying your groceries from online retailers will be a snap. While online grocery shopping may not fully eliminate your need to run to the store, after all, you still need fresh foods and other perishable items, but it can drastically cut your shopping time down and save you hundreds of dollars a year.